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The Leader in Terra2

Does the leader at Terra2 already exist? Ten points for a leader in Terra2

By Jorge Forbes
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The leader in Terra2

10 points for a leader in Terra2

1. The leader in Terra2 is different from the leader in Terra1. In Terra2 we are in a network society — a flat, not vertical society. Here the leader can not present himself as a model to be imitated, or lauded as an ideal. The era of imperial leaders, that mixed wisdom and power, is over.

2. The leader in Terra2 has to have something of a charisma. Remember that “charismatics” were those who had access to God without intermediation — and because of that were persecuted by the Church. The charismatic has a commitment to his own passion, and that is bigger than his will to be understood by the other. Because of this he is seductive.

3. The leader in Terra2 has to be ready to bear misunderstandings. In this ever changing world there is no longer a great unifying and  universalizing (one-sided) reason, which by itself convincing. Never has the advice been more pertinent: "Do not explain yourself nor justify it".


4. The  leader in Terra2 should give greater importance to resonating than to reasoning, "get me"? This expression of  today’s youth points to a new kind of social bond: one that is not based on understanding, as it was the norm until recently, but one that is based on the multiplicity of stimulations. Only in this perspective that we are able to understand a Techno-parade with two million people who are together, but in the exercise of their differences, not of their equality.

5. The leader in Terra2 must have a story to tell, yes, but above all, the creativity to innovate it. In Terra2 the story gains importance when it shows the passion one has experienced, not because it may reveal a moral example of suffering. The ethics of desire (Terra2) is different from the morals of manners (Terra1).


6. The leader in Terra2 must adopt the Responsibility Principle — not the utopia, and not the fear. The Responsibility Principle requires two moves: to invent a solution and then be able to inscribe it to the world.


7. The leader in Terra2 should not worry about any ready-to-wear costumes, but with the conviction of his gesture. There will not be one leader equal to another, the person “that looks like a leader” no longer exists.

8. The leader in Terra2 should prefer a sensitive reason  to an ascetic reason. Logic with subjectivity will be more convincing than logic with numbers. Numbers are not thrilling.

9. The leader in Terra2 should know that the tail of the distribution of preferences is long, and that the details are worth more — attention to broken windows — than monumental proposals.

10. The leader in Terra2 must know that in a communication society, the most valuable aspect, beyond any material good, is the communication itself — the interface, the contact. The leader must be the expression of a culture.

                                                                                                                                    Jorge Forbes