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We’re living in TERRADOIS.

By Jorge Forbes
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We’re living in TERRADOIS.

TERRADOIS is how I chose to name this new planet we’re inhabiting.

TERRADOIS, geographically speaking, is just like TERRAUM, and its inhabitants are very much alike those from TERRAUM. But that’s where the similarities end. From that point onwards, everything changes. From birth to death, passing through all stages of life: education, love, marriage, work, reproduction, professionalization, entertainment, retirement, everything else is radically different.

Let’s see it: 

1. Birth. We select embryos – and not always the “best” ones. Midget parents select midgets. Deaf select deaf. Most, however, select the most beautiful and intelligent ones. Are we, perhaps, moving towards Eugenics? Is Darwin’s natural selection being challenged?

2. Education. School has lost the train of history. Teachers despair when they see how uninterested their students are about learning through the traditional and hierarchical methods. The “Google generation” doesn’t get repetition and memorization. A general crisis.

3. Love. A “new love” arises. We don’t love “because of” our children, inheritance, tradition, religion, etc. If one person is with another one it is because they want to be, even when they are complaining about it. “New love” is the new humanist transcendence.

4. Sex. Is it biological determination or choice? Are all forms of love possible and worth it? These debates are on the forefront of the social scene like never before.

5. Marriage. There are more divorces than in the past, since people don’t stay together due to any other kind of supposed obligation. On the other hand, people are more responsible towards love.

6. Work. Work starts to be directly associated with the life of a person. It’s not only the place where we make money to be spent on what really matters. The work itself must matter. The number of young people who are not interested in career plans based on financial gains and job security is impressive.

Companies must be editors of culture, and not only simply sponsors of it.

7. Reproduction. Many women are freezing healthy embryos so they can choose the best moment to get pregnant. But, at the same time, young couples want to have children sooner so these children can have young parents. Like everything else, there are no rules.

8. Professionalization. Almost every person will have two or three different professions

9. Entertainment. Entertainment must articulate itself with culture.

10. Retirement. There will be no social security mechanisms that can provide support to a population that has increased its life expectancy in 30% and keeps increasing it further and further. The father won’t be the mighty and wise one anymore. Parents and their kids will have an identity crisis.

11. Death. Nowadays our reach exceeds our desires. This is very clear when we discuss about the time to die. What once was “natural death” now becomes a chosen death, once technology can extend a mechanical life for long periods.

These changes are being treated with old medicines due to the lack of something better. New concepts and practices are necessary to legitimize TERRADOIS. Our maps have gotten old, and with them, our practices, but we keep navigating using those maps. We can just look at some unusual crimes, like kids killing their parents or vice-versa, the current epidemy of narcotics, the increase in bulimia and anorexia cases, scarred skins, people deleting people, the misaligned political representation, governance and positioning crises in companies, etc, etc, etc.

If we don’t enable ourselves to inhabit TERRADOIS, we’ll continue seeing these backward, reactionary solutions. Solutions arisen from these “self-help” books on the secular side and from new churches, broadcasting their exorcisms late at night, on the spiritual one.

We need a psychoanalytic practice that shows, solves, and invites people to live the fantastic experience of establishing new ways of living and forming relationships both on the individual and on the corporate level. TERRADOIS cannot continue to be seen as a terrible threat. On the contrary. It is a great chance for humanity to reinvent itself.

                                                                                                        Jorge Forbes